Penticton Tennis Club


We are located adjacent to the waters of Okanagan Lake in beautiful Penticton, BC.  

The club features four professional tennis courts, each equipped with lighting and windscreens. The season runs from early March to late October, though some diehards play over the winter as long as the courts are clear of snow!

The club is host to several popular tennis tournaments and home to tennis enthusiasts of all ages. We welcome new members and are building our Junior programme!


If you are visiting the Penticton Tennis Club website & wish to explore our programmes you can register as a Website guest.  
Once you are a Website guest, you will be able to view more of what PTC has to offer and there is no obligation to join as a paying member.  You can also sign up to Tournaments that accept Guests. Tournaments are listed under the Events Menu.

To register for the website, Click here

Should you choose to join PTC, more features are offered by the Website, including the ability to register for programmes and pay fees. 

NEW Members need to be LOGGED In to Register for Events!


Welcome back members! 


Benefits of Membership: Tennis BC Insurance coverage, access to all the Leagues, Junior program lessons and Coaching Clinics, though individual Fees may apply to these activities.

To renew your membership go to the Membership menu under “More” or, Click here

Members will not have to register again but should review their Profile and Preferences to ensure they are accurate.  In Profile, under Preferences tab, you will have the ability to HIDE or UNHIDE your contact info etc. If contact info is hidden you will not receive notifications or newsletters or be contacted as a spare. Also look at the Members Lists and remove or add your name to your preferred groups for the coming season. 

New Members Follow the  “Getting Started Guide”  to register and purchase your Memberships.

Note: if you are registering for Family members follow steps 6 & 7 carefully in the Guide and decide if you want all correspondence and bookings to be via the primary family member or go to the individual members in which case you would add their email address beside their name. (Our website works a little differently from other websites you may have used & you are identified by your email address.) 

Come on out and have fun!

 2024 Membership Fees


Memberships for 2024 will be available to purchase starting  January 5, 2024!

Annual Membership Fees for April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025  are listed below:


Adult  $200
Student/University  $75
Junior under 19 yrs  $30
Seniors, 80 yrs and over $5
Family Membership:  (Parents or Grandparents) 
Single Parent with children


2 Parents with children


Couple (sharing one email)


Visitor Fee (max 5 visits/yr for locals)  (see below)$10

Visitor fee payment & policy

To encourage new members we allow visitors to attend Drop in programs free of charge, but they should register on the website and sign the Waiver and Code of Conduct. As a visitor we are happy to welcome you to Drop in Sessions- email the court host if you would like to join a session. 

When you bring a Visitor to a Booked court please have them register on the website and sign the forms, then when you add them to your Booked Court, you will be billed the $10 visitor fee.  Fees collected go to Club Improvements!  This is an honour system that we should all adher to in fairness to all the members!

Visitors are to be hosted by a Club Member and cannot book Courts independently.


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